Your attachment style and how it can influence your leader-follower relationship.

Even though there is a big difference between a couple relationship and a leader-follower relationship the same psychological mechanisms can come into play in both types of relationships.

We all have an attachment style which is our automatic learned behaviour in times of distress. Whichever style you have it will express itself in your relationships and can be activated when you as a leader meet problems or challenges. The Norwegian psychologist Per-Magnus Thompson has worked with leaders for many years and has gained insight into some of the thoughts, leaders make when they are challenged in leading their followers. This has led to a Phd on the connection between leadership, attachment and caregiving orientation.

Knowing we can work very specifically with the leadership style – we know that it can be beneficial working on the underlying theme that created the factual challenges.

Want to read more? Find the Phd thesis with the title “All you need is love? Investigating leadership from leaders’ attachment experiences in close relationships”.

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