Our relationship with ourselves is the foundation for well-being as well as for all our other relationships. At times we may feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to cope with what we may experience as conflicting and confusing feelings. I can help you understand, trust and own your emotional experience and find new ways to relate to yourself and others.

I endeavor to support you in finding and strengthening your resources and skills through a process of self-questioning and reflection. In this way the experience of personal difficulties can be used as a vehicle for personal growth.

How does seeing a psychologist differ from talking to a friend?

Seeking help from a friend is a highly valuable human experience, however, at times we may feel the need to explore issues of a personal character in an environment free from personal judgement, with no prejudice and without any potential conflict of interest.

Seeking help from a psychologist is a possibility to explore personal difficulties in a well-defined, impartial and non-judgemental setting. As a psychologist I guarantee confidentiality, respect and professional secrecy.

Evening sessions available