Your EFT therapist – for healthy relationships – with yourself and others

Whether you are looking for individual, couple or family therapy I will be pleased to accompany you. I am a specialist in EFT – Emotionally Focused Therapy – an approach used with both individuals, couples and families. EFT is evidence-based with sound systemic research supporting its effectiveness.

I will help you make sense of your relationship – no specific skills are needed – you are born with them.

About me

I am a psychologist which means I have a solid foundation in understanding relational interactions, how it takes place at different levels and how we can work with that.

Health is being able to act and react while being fully engaged in our experience
and at the same time stay connected to our self and others.

On a personal note

I was born in 1965 and grew up in Denmark. I moved to London, England in 1995 with my husband where our two children were born. In 2006 we settled down in Switzerland.

University Education
Master’s degree in Psychology from Copenhagen University, Denmark.
Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Open University England recognized as an Honors degree in psychology by the British Psychological Society.

Work Experience
I have been in private practice since 2011. Prior to establishing my own practice I have worked with children with acquired brain damage and adults suffering from long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse.

I stay informed and continually engage in courses and seminars about research and mental health practices.

English, Danish and a good level of spoken German.

FSP Ordinary member of the Federation of Swiss Psychologists
DP Danish Psychological Association
ICEEFT International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy
DKCEFT Danish Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy